Christmas Packaging: Do You Really Need It?

Christmas Packaging

At the risk of sounding like we want to commercialize the holidays, the idea of changing your packaging for Christmas is one of the best business decisions you can make.

But at the same time, changing your wrapping, bags and other product packages can also be one of the best design decisions you can make.

Is it enough to justify the added expense?

Keep in mind that during the Christmas season most tasks, expenses, profits and concerns multiply over creating the holiday experience. Christmas packaging for your products can enhance the following:

  • Increase profits since people aren’t just buying for themselves—they’re buying for a lot of other people.
  • Decrease tasks as your products can be given as gifts without being wrapped—you’ve already done that for the customer through your clever packaging!
  • People who want to capitalize or fully enjoy the season zero in on your products over others since the wrapping can make it look new, fresh and just right for the season.

So what kind of Christmas packaging should you have for your products?

Take a look:

Starbucks simply puts away their usual bags of coffee beans and presents to their clients this updated look of the same product:

Starbucks Packaging


While their Christmas blend can be a new product exclusive for the holidays, the colors immediately bring to mind the current season. The festive look can also perk up drowsy coffee drinkers before they can get the caffeine into their system.

Since Starbucks wants their customers to drink more coffee and get into the season, they use this packaging in conjunction with their Christmas promotions and tumblers to really get people into the season.

Another great package design can include gift sets that can be used during the season or all the way to next year. Take a look at this beautifully-designed basket of holiday flavors and treats for a whole family. The wrapping may make it an instant Christmas gift or something that goes with a joyous occasion:

Christmas Packaging

Let’s not forget about keeping things simple. While you can’t always justify extra expenses on your products thanks to the change of packaging, you can always just spruce up what you usually have to get into the season’s gaiety.

Take a look at this simple but clean design for a bread holder. Designed to complement the shape of the bread, you could say that it’s a crime if you don’t use this wrapping during Christmas if you run a bakery:

Bakery Packaging

You don’t even have to fill in the design with color—the distinctive beard and outfit complements the product nicely—without being too complicated or expensive.

Hit the Pain Points and Ho ho ho!

In the end, it’s important that when you want to create and use holiday-specific wrappings or covers, you make sure that it’s convenient, profitable, valuable and can increase the number of customers.