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Packaging Anti-Counterfeit Growth & Innovations

Packaging anti-counterfeit solutions have been sprouting wildly as the field has evolved. Now, the field it's about to experience a massive growth. Counterfeits, according to...
Integrated machinery technology

Cold Truths About Cold Chain Packaging

Cold chain packaging has some concerns to keep in mind. Kevin Lawler, healthcare packaging columnist, recently pointed out its three main current issues. Picture all...
Smart Packagings - Trending Packaging

Smart Packagings to Make You Smart

Pharmacies often give little to no value to their packagings ─ little more than waste recycling. But smart packagings could be the future of...
Packaging Technologies and Spirits Bottles

Packaging Technologies and Spirits Bottles

One of the latest trends in packaging is the addition of diverse packaging technologies, such as Apps or smart tags. These spirits bottles do...
Packaging Automation

The Mechanical Arm: Packaging Automation

Packaging is a highly industrialised field, but human hands are required to fill the gaps. Or were so, until the recent rise in packaging...

Pizza Hut Block Buster Box. A package that turns into a film projector

Products with two functions are not an original idea. And they are not always a good idea. Remember the Friend’s Chapter when Joey insisted...
B & O PLAY. Headphones

Technology packing

The business of technological devices is maybe the fastest growing market in the last years.  Hundreds of new gadgets appear monthly. Consumers have already...

Practical Ways on Packing Toys, Games and Gadgets Securely

If you want to give a child a toy or surprise a special someone who are living faraway with a new or slightly used...