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Apple Packaging

How Do You Package an Apple?

What lies behind the success that is Apple? Is it the top of the line technology used in its products?  Is it the sleek...
Green Cans

The Cola Wars: What’s in a Can?

Is there any bigger rivalry than that between Pepsi and Coca-Cola? The seemingly age-old soda wars started in the ‘80s when the beverage companies...
Super Heroes Packaging

The Rage Over Toy Packaging

With the holidays just over, the sight of waste generated from all the toy packaging children leave in their wake on Christmas morning must...
Fish Packaging

Fresh Packaging Ideas for Fresh Food

Going fresh in your diet is all the rage with a growing need for a healthier lifestyle. To attract more health-conscious consumers, fresh produce...
Personal Bottle

Drinking Feast for the Eyes: Packaging Trends for Popular Beverages

How do consumers decide on which product or brand to buy? What drives the shoppers to purchase a relatively new brand and choose it...

Beauty in a Trendy Box

The beauty and cosmetics industry has been getting more innovative over the years. Not only with the ingredients they use on their products but...
iPhone Packaging

Tech Packaging That Adds Value to Your Product.

Let’s face it, when it comes to packaging, Apple’s approach to their product delivery usually hits the spot. Aside from protecting the device, it...
Harry Potter Packaging

Judge a Book by Its Cover Because You Know what It’s About Anyway

Thanks to digital art tools, creating crisper, alternative book covers and packaging printed on any sort of material is getting easier and easier compared...