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Bud Light’s Mass Customization Packaging Can

Customization is a peculiar way to differentiate from the competition ─ and from oneself, really. With mass customization packaging, everything is unique. Bud Light recently...
Packaging for Nike Air

Packaging Anti-Counterfeit Growth & Innovations

Packaging anti-counterfeit solutions have been sprouting wildly as the field has evolved. Now, the field it's about to experience a massive growth. Counterfeits, according to...
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Packaging Typography: 7 Best Packagings with Type

Typography, while a key field of design, is often pushed to the background. Today, we're bringing you 7 of the best packaging typography. Typography is...
Packaging Technologies and Spirits Bottles

Packaging Technologies and Spirits Bottles

One of the latest trends in packaging is the addition of diverse packaging technologies, such as Apps or smart tags. These spirits bottles do...
Packaging Innovations 2015

The Keys of Packaging Innovations 2015, Olympia

The Packaging Innovations and Luxury Packaging London 2015 event is just about to take place. This is what you should be looking forward to seeing. Easyfair's Packaging...
Storytelling with Packaging

Storytelling with Packaging

Storytelling is “the new black”. We all like stories — and all products have one. It's a good designer's job to always find and...
Saison 1900 Beer Packaging

5 Best Minimal Beer Packagings

Minimalism is cool. We dig it too. Beer is just as great. Hence, we're bringing you 5 of the best minimal beer packagings we've...
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Alcohol Packaging Formats Available in the Beverage Market Today

The alcoholic beverage industry highlights the latest packaging innovation that includes enhanced branding and unconventional packaging formats such as paper wine bottles, whiskey pouches,...