Best Packaging Ideas of the Valentine’s Season


The season of love was one of the mostly celebrated occasions in the year. Blossoming with romance and affection, the Valentine’s season is always highly remarkable because this is the height of gift-giving and everyone is looking forward to receiving the sweetest and most precious gift from their loved one. A remarkable gift also means a remarkable packaging that will express how much you love the person. Let’s take a look at the top packaging ideas that ruled the Valentine’s season.

Valentine´s Packaging


  1. Paper cut silhouettes. This style was all about the details. We saw gifts in big and small boxes, but those were not enough as silhouettes in paper cut were added for more texture and design. We saw hearts all over the place where gifts bled in red and pink, and paper cut silhouettes added more charm to the usual gift box.
  1. Personalized gift tags. Everyone wants to feel special and the personalized gift tag is one of the most preferred enhancements. It is easy to do it, you can simply cut a heart shape tag and you can already personalize it with letter stamps. You can also use other materials for the tag such as polymer clay.
  1. Personalized wrapping paper. Some people preferred to go simplistic with their gift packaging. A simple paper can be enhanced when it is styled with paper cut outs or ribbon. This trend has been evident in retail as gifts are packaged in plain white or brown paper. The brown wrapping paper also gives the gift a more rustic and sophisticated look. The packaging will be able to communicate a clear messaging that you spend time to carefully choose even the simplest details. Add a twine or a simple label and then you are ready for your gift!
  1. A burlap gift bag. Some people would want to go the extra mile instead of just using a box or a wrapping paper. A lot of gift bags was seen last Valentine’s season which made the celebration more interesting. You can also add a flower design or a red heart cut out. The best part about it? You can do it yourself to show your love and dedication. Other interesting packaging includes simple fabric gift pouch that you can use for small items. By simply tying a knot, you can make this gift packaging
  1. Accessories in the packaging. During the Valentine’s season, we saw how accessorizing can make a huge difference in the total impact of the gift idea. Choose which accessories will best make your packaging stand out, but make sure that it will not overpower your entire gift An elegant accessory such as a twine or a flower can make a big difference.

Hearth Packaging

Celebrating Valentine’s is now made more exciting with these creative gift packaging ideas. At the end of the day, the true measure of the season is how you are able to share the spirit of romance and happiness on the day.