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We’ve come to 100 articles here on Trending Packaging! It’s a small number, yet a great one for such a small team. Day by day, we’ve been sharing the best trends and news on packaging to the best of our ability — and today, we’re bringing you our best five articles so far. We hope you liked reading them as much as we did in the writing! And, in case you didn’t, you’re now invited to jump in.


Emerging Packaging Design Trends in 2015

Colourful Packaging

Packaging design trends have been changing from year to year. Some evolved. Some didn’t, and became stagnant. We tried to write a little analysis of three emerging packaging design trends we hoped to see more of this year, and you seemed to like it.

[quote]The Green Revolution proved influential in shaping the industry, spurring the production of recyclable and eco-friendly packages. We’ve also seen mold-breakers take on new grounds as they strive to stand out from the rest. The advent of online shopping also made it necessary for more durable packages that will withstand shipping and land travelling.[/quote] [hr]

Social Responsiveness – The New Packaging Trend

Three Es

Nowadays, everyone thinks about ecological and social responsiveness. We do too. And we thought about how could it relate to packaging.

[quote]It’s not a question anymore if consumers care about a company’s social responsiveness; countless studies have shown that a brand’s social responsibility hugely affects consumers’ purchasing decisions.[/quote] [hr]

Packaging Tips for an Awesome Perfume that Sells

packaging that sells

Perfumes perform based on their smell. But packaging hardly deals with odor. How could you design an excellent packaging for a perfume, then? The answer lies here.

[quote]Presented in beautiful packaging, perfumes have a way to captivate and overpower, and that is precisely why the world of perfumery has grown into billion dollar companies throughout the world.[/quote] [hr]

Clever Packaging Ideas That Will Make Your Day

Packaging with watches


Sometimes, we don’t want to think too much. Just throw some great packaging examples and watch how the viewers react and what do they think about it. You really liked these!

[quote]We are bombarded by countless products practically every day of our lives that they start failing to catch our attention. We begin to think they are all the same and do not really offer something new. But with packaging designs getting more creative and wittier, the age of boring logos and traditional packages have come to an end and this list of clever packaging ideas shows you how.[/quote] [hr]

The Golden Age of Packaging and Why it Matters


This was our first post, but it’s also one of the best we’ve written. In it, we tried to answer packaging designer’s most profound question: does it matter?

[quote]We live in a consumerist world of labels. We are hounded every day by commodities inducing us to get our hands on them. In fact, there is a whole science that seeks to explain why we sell what we sell and buy what we buy and more often than not, it all boils down to what stimulates our senses. This is precisely why, in a vast sea of competitors, a product has to stand out.[/quote]