Beauty in a Trendy Box


The beauty and cosmetics industry has been getting more innovative over the years. Not only with the ingredients they use on their products but it has also taken a closer look into the impact of packaging for the growth of their business.

Needless to say, these beauty-making empires acknowledge the effects of a resounding first impression. Since packaging has become an essential tool to make customers grab their products off the shelf, more companies are then experimenting on how to present their products wisely and creatively not only to catch a customer’s attention but to hopefully turn a first impression into a long-lasting patronage.

The Green Revolution

With the Earth deteriorating by the hour, more people are being more conscious into the products they buy. Cosmetic items are no exception. Apart from organic ingredients, consumers are also taking notice on the materials used for their packaging. Paper, wood and bamboo are now being used by cosmetic companies to lessen the damage to the environment by reducing waste. Reusable and meant to last, these materials help sustainability efforts for our planet. While other companies still cannot eliminate the use of plastic in their packaging, they are still moving forward by using 100% recycled materials for their containers which is already a huge step towards this advocacy.

Bambu Packaging    Bambu Make Up

Animal Lovers Unite!

Who says animals can’t be a part of our daily beauty regimen? Pet lovers will surely go crazy over these cute and adorable products that incorporate animal shapes into their packaging. Paul & Joe features our favorite feline animal into their lipstick. From pandas to butterflies, tube packaging has also seen a facelift with colorful and fun designs especially for the young and young at heart.Lips PackagingCream Packaging

Perfume on the Go

Bulky perfume bottles are a mere history with these lightweight and portable containers that also feature cool designs. Too Cool for School from Korea offers a solid perfume instead of the usual liquid material that may leak or come in a heavy bottle. But if you still insist on using liquid perfumes while traveling or jumping from one place to another, you can surely benefit from perfume atomizers which you can refill with your favorite scent. Just pump it up and it stays leakproof!

Gold PackagingPocket Perfume Packaging

The Creative Container

Bright and bold colors, whimsical packaging, and creative names seem to be a winning combo for San Francisco-based boutique, Benefit Cosmetics.  From the Porefessional (balm to minimize pores) to the It’s Potent (eye cream), these top sellers are a massive hit starting off with their witty and memorable names. Their well thought out and detailed designs which are at times complemented by vintage images also play well with the brand’s theme of having fun with make-up! Etude House is also one brand that reflects the same playfulness in their packaging. Their primer called Goodbye Pore Ever features a unique die cut of a face which you don’t really see every day. Its vintage-inspired color theme is also a nice touch to this already awesome packaging.

Benefit PackagingPore Ever Packaging