Awesome Juice Fruit Packaging

Juice Box imitating skin of the fruit

Juice fruit is associated with health, environment care, and kids better drink choice (according to their parents). Since the beginning of the 21st Century this type of non alcoholic beverage has a high growth and it has settled down in a very competitive market world sharing the competition with soda and waters.

Packaging is not a strange agent of this contest and it has to develop in order to accompany the demand of this kind of product. Packaged not only protects and preserves the juice, but also should attract the attention of clients. It ought to communicate the kind of fruit you are going to drink, the energy and strength of the properties of the juice and convinced the consumer to buy it.

For these three reasons, fruit juice packaging has to know how to express freshness and temptation, communicate health and power and be creative and original.

Nowadays, on the market, it exists hundreds of different brands that offer a product that are bound for the same consumers, so the companies have to be clever to communicate an interest and unique product. Packaging maybe the answer that solves this problem.

Therefore, here are some awesome ideas of juice fruit packaging that maybe inspire firms.

Innocent’s on-the-go juice:

Innocent Juice Packaging Innocent Juice

This new redesigned on-the-go bottle is perfect to carry on and drink at every place you like to. The design wisely express the concept of innocent (and pure nature of the juice) by an angel´s aura, its color communicates vitality and allows you to see what are you really going to drink and its size indicates the idea of easy carrying.

The designer has time to incorporate a touch of humor inside the bottle by an inscription to the “satisfied drinker”. The bottle reflects an optimistic message: being healthy makes your life happier.


Verve PackagingVerve

A very power design, with strong and lively colors, sharp and big letters. The packaging knows how to transmit energy and strength and catch fast the attention of the consumer who immediately thinks that drinking this product should be a shot of power. Each bottle is easily identified by the color of the juice and it has a label with the full information, too. A great idea to reduce cost, because they don´t have to make a different package for each kind of drink.

Juice Gallery

Juice Gallery PackagingJuice Gallery

Juice Gallery has made a design that combined elegance with art. They took part of well known fruit paintings to label their packaging. The bottles and tetraboxes invite clients who want to rejoice with the beauty of images from canvas when they want to spent a time drinking a fruit juice. Also, it is perfect if the client wants a quote of art when he opens his cupboard or refrigerator.

Juice Juice


A charming and simply tetrapack form which emulates an orange when they fit all in one. Also, it has a firmly base so it prevents to fall down. Surely, the kids will find it very fun and it catches their attention in a glance.

Juice Box imitating skin of the fruit


First impressions always matters, especially when clients seem too busy to take a choice between a dozen of products. .Design by Naoto Fukasawa, these color and touch sensitive juice boxes shock for its cubism and realistic skin.

Jooze Juice Box

Fruit Juice is also a children matter and they are great consumers, too. School lunches, excursions, sports events, and many etc. And they also like a packaging made for them. Their design on geometrical shapes is instantly and easily recognizable to children because of its fruit image imitation.

Those juice boxes are a copy of a normal children´s juice box, allowing to refilling the container as often as they want, making them a sustainable alternative to take care of the environment.