Artwork in packaging

Warsteiner Packaging

There is a trend in marketing that assures that limited edition packs attract new clients into the brand. The special product catches immediately the attention of the consumers when they saw an unusual and peculiar packaging.

Artwork in packaging is based on the same principle: to appeal to the visual sight of the shoppers and to invite them to buy the product.

The idea of an effective package that uses artwork concept is to try to break standard rules and conventions that the consumers are get used to, by giving to the product a quirky and original mark and to communicate to their clients, “we are not so boring, we change our packaging once in a while”.

Here are some examples of brands that put in practice the artwork in packaging to seduce their clients.


McDondald Artwork 2McDondald Artwork 1


Ben Frost, the Australian Pop Art, was in charge of the redesigning of the French fries packaging. The well known red and yellow package turn into paintings that takes inspiration from areas as graffiti, collage and photorealism.

The graphic artist gave to McDonald’s Fries packets a new look with some brilliant pop-culture influenced designs like Super Heroes, images of Lichtenstein’s pop art and Cartoons.


Warsteiner Packaging

Warsteiner is one of the largest private breweries in Germany and the world. Now, Warsteiner is celebrating its 260 year anniversary by inviting a series of world famous street and fine artists to reinterpret its package.

The beer’s brand has commissioned it latest art collection to some of the world’s most pop artist, like Kevin Lyon and Ron English.

The combination of amazing and awesome design makes the brand won a prize in an international competition on aluminum packaging.

That prize represents another example of the brand’s success in using modern culture to attract consumers.

Campbell’s Soup


Andy Warhol used to eat Campbell’s soup almost every day. He loved that soup so much that he painted (or designed) a famous artwork called Campbell’s Soup Cans and today it belongs to the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This painting was a blessing for the company and maybe their best publishing in his history.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this painting, Campbell’s Soup released a set of limited edition tomato soup cans inspired by Andy Warhol.

DKNY – Be Delicious

DKNYDKNY Packaging

DKNY’s exclusive and limited edition “Be Delicious” fragrance is designed by Brad Hamann, a comic illustrator.

The Limited Edition “Be Delicious” packaging includes Ben-Day dots, lettering and speech balloons, as well as the representation of a just-bitten apple. Complementarily to the packaging, it brings a comic “inside de box” with a easy going story that will appear online and can be distributed at the retail counter.



This Sweden beer brand is making appealing and staggering bottles that are inspired in by their (managers) travels, with an unique story behind each one, featuring original artwork by Karl Grandin, one of the managers of the company.