Apple’s Accessory Packaging Shift Towards Consistency

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Apple is shifting its display politics towards consistency, and their accessory packaging will be crucial. Third-party accessories have always been an essential reinforcement of their products: they know it, and they’ve begun to co-designing the packages of a careful selection.

“Consistency” is said to be the aim of Apple in this operation, which also entails a cut on displayed accessories in their stores. This display limitation is intended to reduce “clutter” in Apple stores and improve the shopping experience towards a more “premium feel”. But the question here is: how?

And the answer is pretty straightforward: Apple is looking to devour his children, just like Saturn.


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What exactly is consistency? What does it mean?

For Apple, a brand that has always gone the extra mile, consistency is everything. It’s the look of their products. It’s the relationship with their customers. It’s that “design-y” simple touch that feels right. It’s one of the principles they’re most proud of: no matter your product, it will look good.

Their packagings are nothing short of that concept. They’re simple, minimalist, straightforward — all in all delightful. And that’s because they design those too themselves!

But that isn’t, (wasn’t), true of their accessories. Some were produced and manufactured by third parties, which all the risks and benefits that it means. Imagine walking into an Apple store, amidst a myriad of beautiful white packages, and then finding an ugly brown cardboard packaging for a selfie stick. Ugh.


This display limitation is intended to reduce “clutter” in Apple stores and improve the shopping experience towards a more “premium feel”.


That’s precisely what they’re trying to avoid when co-designing the third parties’ packagings. Those who abide will experience an improvement on their designs. Those who don’t, well — won’t. And that’s kind of scary, to be honest.

Think about that: consistency implies two things. One, making sure that everything looks and feels the same. Two, getting rid of what doesn’t. That means scraping all products that don’t seem good. And, by extension, pushing them off the market.

Apple is shamelessly eating his best accessories into the brand feel and dropping out their worst into oblivion. That’s great for the customer, but not so much for those producing the said accessories. Until further notice, the choice is clear: fade or be devoured.

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