Apparel Packing for Online Shops

Twice in my life Packaging

Who doesn’t enjoy retail therapy? All of us, every once in a while, get the desire to revamp our collections – whether they are clothes, jewelries, accessories and whatnot. We love to shop for these things when we are in the zone.

Of course, we are focused on what we want to buy when we are shopping. Subconsciously though, we are also drawn to innovatively packaged goods. From a consumer’s perspective, clothes packaging is not really important. But still, it is always nice to have an add-on to the actual stuff we get. For most of us, the main concern actually is the sturdiness of the package to ensure it protects our clothes and fashion items while in transit. This especially applies to online RTWs that offer door-to-door shipment.

Twice in my life Packaging


Unlike perfumes that require bold and over the top packaging ideas, clothing only needs a simple approach. There is no need for too much adornment and these would just end up in the thrash bin eventually anyway. Also, if bought in retail stores, clothes have already been pre-fit. Packaging therefore should not be complicated, with the assumption that the item will go straight to the washing machine for a quick wash.

Custom apparel packaging is particularly relevant to online shops. Unlike buying from department stores wherein customer satisfaction is a given (customer fits the clothing and buys it), buying online necessitates a higher level of customer service. Sellers need to ensure that customers are content with their purchase though rigorous quality control, and by giving as much information as possible with regard to the product. Innovative packaging is like icing on the cake, so to speak.

While typical add-ons end up being taken for granted, online sellers can up their efforts through these cost-efficient packaging ideas.

Premium Items. Loading up a customer’s shipment box with premium items such as stickers, pin buttons, key chains and other tactical micro souvenirs, gives them a positive thought of an online shop. These items do not cost much if bought in bulk. And more than just giveaways, these serve as branding materials for the shop.

Polybag. Online sellers should ensure that items shipped are properly folded and sealed. Buyers appreciate it when items are delivered in sealed packaging or polybags. This creates an impression that the item is perfectly clean and has never been touched before. For shops, the fact that polybags are very affordable and available in all leading supermarkets is an added bonus.

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Custom Gift Card. It is not really a requirement, but seeing a nicely designed gift card atop the shipment box makes the package all the more exciting to open. Generic gift cards can do the job, but personalized ones surely appeal more to buyers. It does not even need to have an elaborate design – sellers can just choose to pay a couple of cents more to print it in colored paper rather than plain white. To make it more hardworking, a discount voucher applicable to the next purchase can be included.