Alcohol Packaging Formats Available in the Beverage Market Today

paper packaging

The alcoholic beverage industry highlights the latest packaging innovation that includes enhanced branding and unconventional packaging formats such as paper wine bottles, whiskey pouches, and more. Consumers, however, prefer alcohol brands that prioritize easy-to-open and convenient packaging. Aside from the packing type, clear information about alcohol and calorie content should be visible too. So packaging, product quality and the alcohol content information promotes overall responsible drinking.

Here are some of the alcoholic beverage packaging formats that are widely available in the market today.

  • Ace of Spades. A champagne that is colloquially called as Ace of Spades is an opaque metal bottle that is designed with ace of spade labels. This champagne bottle became popular after a music video from a known music artist.
  • Ceramic Beer Bottle. One company has produced a stylish beer or cider bottle and has complied with tests about the quality maintenance of the liquid. The beer bottle is supplied in vitreous ceramic. It is lead-free and have variety of colours, shapes, and sizes to choose from.
  • Deadhead Rum. This 750-ml glass bottle forms like a shrunken head and has unique twine that closes the eyes and mouth.

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  • Glass Bottles. The high consumption of beer is a key factor in the growth of glass packaging A lot of people opt for glass bottles because it is made from sustainable, recyclable, and non-permeable materials. It also has zero-rate chemical reaction to the liquid, so this packaging type is best for any condition and long-term product preservation. The glass packaging industry as well as other innovative alcoholic beverage packaging continues to develop as people love drinking beer and taking interest in luxury alcoholic drinks.
  • Machine Gun Shaped Liquor Bottle. Kalashinkov Vodka is a collector’s item that features a clear glass bottle that is shaped like a machine gun, and it has a protective wooden crate with a hue of military green. This was produced in Russia and exclusively shipped to Australia.
  • Peak Whisky. There was a certain designer who made a stackable scotch whisky bottle that maintains the beverage’s freshness because of its compact and unique shape. It has a decorative element as compared to standard whisky bottles.

paper packaging

  • Paper Bottle. A remarkable paper bottle for wine that entered the market is lightweight, unbreakable, and its moulded outer shell shaped like a wine bottle is made from recycled cardboard. This whole recyclable packaging is 85% lightweight than glass bottles. And it offers consumers with a responsible way to handle them outdoors, whether they are campers, fishermen, or anyone else.
  • Single and Double Whiskey Pouches. Flexible packaging such as pouches are not only used for sauces, soup, and food, but also for alcoholic beverages. Pouches give consumers more benefit because it is lightweight, convenient, and resealable unlike rigid packaging One of the famous whiskey brands introduced leak-proof and flat pouches that are perfect for camping, tailgate, and other events; and they can be laid flat on top of coolers or can be placed inside your backpack.
  • Wood-Fiber Beverage Bottle. One of the famous beverage brand, Carlsberg, partnered with biodegrable packaging provider on using wood-fiber beverage bottle. They aim to utilize bottles that are taken from wood fiber and other bio-based materials for sustainability.