Absolute’s Summer Kiss


To honor Absolute’s 10th anniversary, we had to come up with a unique project that defines our way of life and work. We love a good beer after a week of hard work. By coincidence – or not? – one of our co-workers is designer by day, microbrewer at night. Quickly the idea emerged to make our own beer. Two months later, the Summer Kiss was born. An IPA beer with hints of grapefruit, 100% brewed inside our agency. Evidently, we designed a visual identity for the beer as well. The box, the glass, the bottle, … Everything was created in-house to reflect the love we have for what we do.

summer_kiss_ar_presse_8 summer_kiss_ar_presse_7 summer_kiss_ar_presse_6 summer_kiss_ar_presse_5 summer_kiss_ar_presse_4 summer_kiss_ar_presse_3 summer_kiss_ar_presse_2 summer_kiss_ar_presse_1

Art director: Arnaud Buffet
Graphic designer: Mathieu Huygens
Photographer: Sébastien Vandenvouwer
Support: Helene Renaud, Catherine Zorn, Gael Delombre, Louis Liekens
(Brewer: Mathieu Huygens)