5 Packaging Podcasts You Should Listen To

Packaging Podcasts

Do you like podcasts? Do you like packaging? Well, today is your lucky day: we’re bringing you 5 of the best packaging podcasts you could find.


Podcasts are a great way to consume information whilst doing other things, such as driving, cooking, or doing exercise, (just to say some). They can be listened to online or downloaded into your phone to play on the go. They’re fantastic! Sadly, there are few great podcasts about packaging yet — but there are some interesting ones, undoubtedly. And here we bring them:

Food and Beverage Packaging Podcast

The Food and Beverage Packaging Podcast focused mainly on interviews and industry news from the field of, well, food and beverage packagings, (is to be expected from the podcast’s own title). It does so no more, (sadly), because it’s been dead since 2012. Fortunately, the podcasts are still uploaded and can still be played!

Their length is relatively short, (around 5 minutes each), and their topics range from sustainability and resources to efficiency and package design. The last podcasts were a series of interviews with some “CPG Packaging Thought Leaders”.

Flexible Packaging Podcast

The Flexible Packaging Podcast fulfills the same needs than the previous one, but on the said industry of flexible packaging. Also, it seems to be produced by the same enterprise, (BNP Media), but this one is still up and running.

Their podcast length is slightly longer, (about 10 minutes), and their main content are interviews. Some of the topics recently covered were “Heavily Soiled Plates and Anilox Rollers”, with Dennis Sweet, Vice President of Rycoline at Sun Chemical, and “Emerging Technology in Barrier Coatings”, with Robert O’Boyle, product manager of coatings at the same company.

Package Design Podcast

Do you remember, some days ago, when we talked about package design magazines? It turns out that Package Design, one of the covered mags, had a great podcast at the Interpack, (quite hidden in the archives).

There are few, (some don’t even work anymore), but they cover some really interesting topics, like “Top Trends in Packaging Materials”.

Packaging World Podcast

Finally, one of the strongest competitors of this list, (if not the most), comes from Packaging World, another of the magazines we talked about. They were the most active for months  — before dying in november of the past year. What a pity.

Their length is the largest: more than 10 minutes each.

American Packaging Capital Podcast

The American Packaging Capital Podcast has five really short entries, (about 3 minutes each), about some business basics of packaging design, such as lease processing and purchase options. There’s little else to be said.


And that’s it! Feel free to comment anything you want, and please tell us which are your favourite podcast, be it from packaging or any other fields.

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