5 Colorful Packagings to Cheer Up Your Day


Some days, you just wake up blue. But we’re here to fix that with a careful selection of bright and colorful packagings that would cheer up anyone!


Anna Katrin's album project

First, take a look at Anna Katrin’s album project. It’s wonderful! It’s full of colour and contrast, it has a great design, it’s original, attracts attention, and, in a way, conveys a certain personality. Indie musicians make frequent use of this kind of art and typography, though it’s used to be toned down a little. But Katrin has gone all the way.

There’s also a CD version, but the Vinyl one is just astonishing.

Caddy Wholefood Energy Bars Design

The Caddy Wholefood Energy Bars Design from Brian Miller is simple, yet full of colour. And it looks delicious. The design of the energy bars was done with golfers in mind: hence the golf courses. Miller had to draw different approaches to the project, since the same art would become both the label and the background for other elements. Nevertheless, it works beautifully. And it comes in two flavours!

Tenzin Skincare Design

The Tenzin Skincare Design, named after Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, (one of the two men that climbed the Everest 60 years ago), was made by multiple authors. It comes in two colours, (white or black), and sizes, (big or small), all maintaining the vivid orange as the brand signal. In the words of the designers, the packaging attempts the following:

[quote]The new brand featured an iconic mountain marque designed to lead the storytelling of Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and act as a metaphor for ‘conquering life’. The geometry and cleanliness of the marque was offset with a robust serif logotype, helping to communicate the historical background of Tenzing Norgay and position the products for a male audience.[/quote]

Ink Bad's Åbro Bron Ales Design

Remember how we talked about minimal beers some while ago? Well, Ink Bad’s Åbro Bron Ales Design, (in collaboration with Identity Works), is anything but that. But does it really matter when the result is so freaking awesome? Not for us.

“Under the bridge” is a place where anything and everything can happen. Fishermen tales, submarines and lost divers, river beasts with monstrous tentacles…

Take that for a beer. Kind of makes you want to grab one and drink it. But be careful: it’s 2,5%.

50 Packaging Designs

For the last one, we’re doing something special: we could bring you another example, of course ─ or we could bring you 50 more, which, to be honest, is much better. And that’s what we’re bringing you: 50 more packaging designs from Mexico. Hope you like them, (or, at least, some of them).


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