5 Best Minimal Beer Packagings

Saison 1900 Beer Packaging

Minimalism is cool. We dig it too. Beer is just as great. Hence, we’re bringing you 5 of the best minimal beer packagings we’ve been able to found. We hope you like them!


Terracotta Beer Design

The Terracotta design for Zago, (a well-known Italian beer brand), makes the first entry on our list. Its simplicity and matte finish speak of professionalism and precision. Its sleeves educate and delight. It looks great in any color your pick. It feels right, as well. And, in the end, that’s everything that matters. Kudos to Opificio for the masterful execution.

Heineken Icone Pure

Heineken Icone Pure

Heineken goes even further with its Icone Pure design by ORA-ÏTO. A dotted pattern, a logo, and a little “limited edition” touch are everything that’s necessary. Of course, the ubiquitous Heineken green stays on the bottle top. Simple, and brilliant. There’s not much else to do when you’re dealing with such an iconic brand: let it some space, and it will speak for itself.

Pantone Beer Packaging

Pantone Beer Packaging

Speaking about color, there’s nothing better than PANTONE. And that gave Spanish designer Txaber an idea: why not making the beer packaging match the hue of the beer itself? Thus, the Pantone Beer Packaging design was born. And we’re really happy it did. This is as minimal as you can get: beer name and graduation. And that’s it. Just imagine stacking some of these up on a shelf.

Saison 1900

Saison 1900 Beer Packaging

Next with a design that -sadly- can’t even be bought in stores: the Saison 1900 student design by Australian Zoran Konjarski. This penultimate entry comes with a pharmaceutical feel and a custom-molded blister pack. And, of course, Helvetica Black. Well, not quite, (it’s the Neue version), but you get the idea. And speaking about Helvetica…

Helvetica Beer

Helvetica Beer Packaging

We just couldn’t let this out the list. Some people will hate it, some will love it — but, as anything that involves the at-this-point-legendary-typeface, it’s impossible to stay indifferent. The Helvetica Beer design speaks modernism and Swiss style all over the place. It’s as simple and as excellent as everything else. Thank you, Sasha.