4 Package Design Tips to Boost Retail Sales


Every business knows how challenging it can be to make a product a success in retail stores. Sadly, a mere 6% of new products to hit store shelves will still be selling after two years. And this is often after businesses large and small invest tons of resources in developing the product: time, mental and creative energy, and of course, a hefty sum of money. Package design is a critical element in making consumers decide that they want to pick your product up off the shelf and buy it, but many businesses make the fatal mistake of underestimating the importance of packaging. Read more…

Your product’s package design instantly communicates a wealth of information to the consumer about what’s inside and who’s behind the product. The goal, of course, is to communicate something that will entice them to make the purchase and, ideally, convert them to a lifelong customer. Here are 4 package design tips that will help you boost your sales in a retail environment.

Know your consumer

You most likely invested a lot of time in market research when designing your new product, understanding what your target customer needs and wants. This same approach should be taken when designing your product’s packaging. Knowing what drives your consumer will allow you to develop an effective packaging strategy that speaks to them.

Know your price point

By now, you probably have at least a ballpark idea of your product’s retail price point. Make no mistake: setting the wrong price point for your product can be a disaster. Equally disastrous is the belief that people will unthinkingly pay more for your product just because you gave it high-end packaging. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t use good quality packaging for a low-priced product, but your package design won’t make the universal laws of retail sales magically disappear. Customers will trust your brand more if your product is legitimately and competitively priced.

Stand out from the crowd

Your packaging needs to stand out in order to get the attention of customers browsing the shelves. But whatever you do, make sure your package isn’t standing out for the wrong reasons. Well-designed but uninspired packaging will be better than an ingenious creative concept that leaves your customer frustrated or disappointed. A positive packaging experience (or at least a neutral one) has better chances of scoring you a repeat customer.

But don’t underestimate practicality

Although it is important to stand out, don’t expend unnecessary resources trying to reinvent the wheel if it isn’t central to your brand image. There are buyers out there who are attracted to unique, high-end and innovative package design. But there are just as many (and likely more) who just want packaging that’s easy to use and gets the job done right. If you can find a unique, innovative package solution that also meets these more practical customers’ needs, you could hit a home run.

Retail is a complex process, and package design is just one of hundreds of moving parts in that machine. However, we mustn’t leave it as an afterthought. Never forget that your packaging is the first contact any retail customer will have with your product.