3 of the Best Innovative Packaging Designs

Innovative Packaging Designs | Trending Packaging

Innovation is key in packaging. But sometimes, thinking outside the box is hard. Here are some of the best examples of innovative packaging designs.


Yesterday, we wrote about the Packaging Innovations 2015 event, and that made us think. Which are the best examples, (or, at least, some of them), of innovative packaging designs? We tasked ourselves to find them, and there they are.

RE/LABLD Press Kit

RE/LABLD | Trending Packaging

We tried to think of better ways to design a press kit packaging when we found RE/LABLD, but we couldn’t. The box seems fairly simple and straightforward when closed, but once unfolded:

[quote style=”boxed”]“The essential shape, carved to perfection and covered in Ispira™ paper by Fedrigoni™, reveals itself upon opening, when a four-leafed flower blossoms and the full press kit is revealed. Inside, a brochure, a lookbook and a charity folder recount the tale of the groundbreaking experience you can live at Re/Labld.”[/quote]

In a strange but brilliant way, Kid Studio did think outside the box… in thinking about a box. Most press kits are fairly bi-dimensional, but this one took the concept much further, both conceptually and visually. Kudos to them.

Kellogg’s Special K+ for Adults

K+ | Trending Packaging

Kellogg’s isn’t really one of those brands you recall when thinking about great packaging designs, is it. But, somehow, they managed to pull off one of the best and more innovative designs we’ve seen lately with their K+. Or, more likely, Mun Joo Jane did.

Not surprisingly, the astonishing results came from a simple concept: rejecting stereotypes. Jane herself clearly states it in the project:

[quote style=”boxed”]“The overview of this project was to come up with a cereal packaging design for adults. We are no longer kids and it is important that our cereal packaging reflects exactly that. The challenge of this project was to neglect the stereotypical cereal box design.”[/quote]

Sometimes, a little rebelliousness is all that it takes.

Nike’s Opening Packaging

Nike Opening Packaging | Trending Packaging

Full disclosure: this is something of a personal choice. We really dig Nike, because they’re pushing the market in really unparalleled ways. Their new packaging idea doesn’t fall short: The Opening Packaging is a golden prodigy of package design.

Its project doesn’t say much. Not like there’s much more to be said, anyway:

[quote style=”boxed”]“The Opening 2014 event was set into motion by an over-the-top invite package. Each of the 160 athletes were hand delivered a fold-open gold box that contained an invite, tee, camp book, mouthguard, eyeblacks and gold skull ring.”[/quote]

What better brand than top-tier athletes. Nike knows it, and they’re going for them. When targeting such a tough set, you have to go hard and big; and golden does it.


And that’s it for today. We’ve only brought you some of the best, but there are many more great and innovative packagings around. Feel free to search for more or even better packaging ideas, and come here to comment with your findings!


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