The world’s first double-layer wine bottle: Cooleo bottle.


The first Edition of the Cooleo double-layer wine bottle series is a top-class Pinot Noir Rosé and a dry Riesling from Wasem, a winery in Germany, which has ordered 6,000 of the innovative bottles.

The double-walled glass bottle provides an insultating layer to keep drinks cold, regardless of outside temperature when dining alfresco.

“We chose the Cooleo bottle to present our customers and wine lovers with a modern and functional bottle with provides longer drinking pleasure,” said Philipp and Julius Wasem.


The Cooleo is hand made by artisan glass-blowers and designed in Germany with sustainability in mind.

The re-usable Vinolok glass closure can be opened and closed with one hand, ideal for up-cycling and refilling.

Additionally, the glass material and silicone seal of the closure has no impact on the aroma or flavour of the contents.

The distinctive design with its inside layer of glass allows personalisation of the bottle with art, messages or branding.

The glass is scratch-free, temperature resistant and easy to clean, ensuring the artwork you create will be beautifully preserved.


Oliver Conrad, the award-winning German designer behind Cooleo, added: “The Cooleo bottle is one of our most exciting product innovations. Our intention was to create a concept that combines traditional glassblowing with elegant, modern design. The result is a functional and beautiful product will bring a step change in wine marketing.”

Credit: Cooleo