Tequila Pack for Maestro Dobel


We have a special Tequila pack! The design concept was put together by MW Luxury and Stranger & Starnger. The commemorative edition drew on the elegant Maestro Dobel branding and the commemorative aspect of the tequila to construct a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

The pack consists of a rigid board box wrapped in textured paper that has been tinted with a deep earthy red mimicking the look of genuine aged wood.


Double doors on the front have been detailed with elegant gold lines and a gold metal plaque. Pull these doors gently open and they reveal the pack’s precious contents: the bottle of aged tequila, and a drawer containing a booklet and a gorgeous glass stopper.


To support the weight of the contents, the interior of the pack has been reinforced with multiple layers of lightweight rigid board.

The bottle is held securely between an EVA base and a flocked vacuum-formed C-ring at the top of the pack. Exquisite details come in the form of colour-matched ribbon attachments, which can be used to open the drawer and lift out the stopper, and a black and white photograph of the ageing barrels on the inside of the right-hand door.


Credit: MW Luxury Packaging