Subway Eco Packaging


The aim of this project is design a packaging for Subway, which is an existing brand of the American fast food restaurant. They mainly sell submarine sandwiches as their core product, so let´s see how does this packaging works.
Subway uses “Eat Fresh” as their advertisign slogan, therefore the graphic have to focus on their sandwiches are made from freshly baked breads and fresh ingredients.


This packaging solves some paper problems like:

  • It is difficult to eat
  • Paper becoes soggy and sticks to the Sub
  • Paper becomes greasy
  • Sauces and veggies come out
  • Paper gets torn, it is thin…

The Re-Brief was to design a Packaging for 6-inch Sub for easy, hygienic and hasstle free consumption.


Tear, Remove and tear some more! This is the beggining of an hygenic and clean experience. In addition, this Eco Packaging is available in laminated paperboard 150gsm sheets, so it improves storage spaces.


Credit: Devash Shah