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Range of products

Hojiblanca is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil category leader, and understands that creating a new product segment (Upper mainstream) requires depth of knowledge and contribution. As with the world of wine, in which the figure of the winemaker or technical director is the key decision maker with regard to the best proportion and mixture, this mastery is clearly applicable to the world of oil. The result is the Blends range.
To strengthen the positioning of Mixing Mastery: Hojiblanca is an expert in creating unique blends, combining different oils to achieve distinctive, differentiating flavours.


-Create a new segment within the EVOO category in which there is a contribution of added value for the customer.
-Underpin the new positioning of Mixing Mastery and better communicate its identifying values: closeness, tradition and mastery.
Strengthen Hojiblanca brand leadership as a reference in the selection of varieties and in the definition of blends with a presence in more segments.
Introduce a new element (Taste Code) which helps and facilitates customer choice for a product which distinguishes itself on the shop shelf.
-Transmit the more Premium positioning of this development through its packaging.

Range of products

Graphic Solution

The new opaque packaging with a spiral relief which covers the entire packing is inspired by the waves generated by the oil during grinding and succeeds in maintaining its organoleptic characteristics intact for longer. Inspired by the movement of a mixture of oils, it is far from the habitual category codes and invites you to discover its nuances and virtues. On the label we are able to incorporate elements into a recognized layout which serve to single out each of the oils in which the brand takes presence and entity so as to favour shelf recognition. The Hojiblanca logo is more prominent and includes the discourse and the narrative of this new range in which the personality of each Blend, capturing our attention from first glance, leads us to explore the Taste Code in response to the expectation of the naming itself. Each one incorporates an oil painted illustration in which the olives that make up the branches are of different varieties to reinforce the concept of mixture and combination. The coloured stripe supports the whole and immediately stands out on the shelf.



Technical Elements

They are technically full of details which incorporate layers of meaning for the range and we appropriate processes which help to draw and focus consumer attention on the key elements:
-The Hojiblanca brand has three dimensions with relief and serigraphic varnish.
We highlight the Taste Code as a strategic element which helps the consumer and we link it with the same material to the name of each Blend.Whatwe achieveSingle out the product in a new segment in which the category leader sets the standard, using its own code which in addition acts as a commitment guarantee.


Launch Packaging

For its launch with customers, a pack has been developed which, as with a tasting room, displays all the benefits and added value in a choreographed movement. A pack which contains the first three Blends: Alegre, Pícaro and Bravío, with tasting spoons to help make the staging even more spectacular by also including a roulette as the Taste Code which identifies the characteristics of each one and a sales folder which makes the case for the personality of each Blend.



Client: DEOLEO, Hojiblanca
Project Supervisor: Rocío Machín and Fran Rionda Studio: TSMGO | The Show Must Go On
Creative Director: Ricardo Moreno Rodríguez
Art and Design Management: Marta Terrazas and José Luis Casao
Studio Website:
Photography: DclickEstudio!
Agency country of origin: Spain