Metapora Skincare Packaging


Metapora is a new premium skincare line with a premium packaging from Singapore appealing to women in their 20’s and older who are confident, free-spirited, and who understand that beauty is an attitude that shines from within.

Attitude is everything.

Metapora offers pure, sophisticated products for various skincare needs, aiming to accompany women throughout their own journeys, wherever they may be in their lives.


They encourage and support their customers to embrace all stages of their lives, and live with self-confidence, self-expression, and above all, joy.


The branding and packaging accentuate this playful, free-spirited yet refined attitude, while using whimsical colors and typography to mirror the unexpected twists and fluidity of our lives.


Metapora is a brand that supports and reflects your unique story, wherever it may take you.


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Design & Art Direction: Alex Nereuta

Photography: Fred Bouchard