Garage Creative creates unique label for non-alcoholic drink Red Genie


We love labeling projects like this! A non-alcoholic drink created to provide non-drinkers with more choice is launched with a stand out, technically complex, label.

Designed by Garage Creative and printed by Multi Color in Daventry, the label was only possible with the skill and expertise of all involved, according to Red Genie.


Avery Dennison’s Fasson Rustique Blanc Plus material was required to be able to achieve the strength for such a complex application. As well as being the perfect material to achieve all the micro embossing and complex print finishes, that are included on this label. Designed to stand out on shelf and be a bit of fun, Red Genie is another addition to the growing non-alcoholic sector.

“At 612.5mm long, we think this labeling project is pretty unique and really pushing what is possible in label application,” said a Red Genie spokesperson.


Bursting with lemongrass, ginger and other selected botanicals; the drink is said to be best served 50ml of Red Genie with a premium slimline tonic, over ice with a slice of lemon.  The aromatic botanicals used to create Red Genie balance the sweetness of the tonic, to produce a drier more sophisticated ‘grown up’ drink.

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Credit: Garage Creative