Eco-Friendly packaging by PulpWorks: Molding A Better World


Today we have an interesting Eco-Friendly packaging project. PulpWorks offers compostable products, molded from 100% post-consumer paper waste and agricultural waste.  Said another way, we turn garbage into safe, planet-friendly products.

Our environmentally thoughtful packaging is created utilizing the same technology that’s been used for decades to create egg cartons. However, we’ve upped the ante considerably by adding a wide variety of colors, textures, and complexity.

Whether you are seeking a new look for your current product or innovative packaging that reinforces your brand image, our designers and engineers can help you create custom packaging that precisely fits your needs. It is no longer necessary to sacrifice aesthetics in order to achieve your sustainability goals.


The toxic and dangerous effects of plastic packaging are widely known to consumers.  If you currently market any products in plastic blister packaging, PulpWorks now offers a compostable, all-pulp-and-paper alternative.  Be among the vanguard that are opting away from materials that reside in landfills for as much as 1,000 years and packaging that sends hundreds of thousands of people to emergency rooms annually.


Our patented Karta-Pack enables you to establish your company as a leader in eco-conscious and innovative consumer packaging.

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Paul Tesner