Clarins’ Lip Oils Packaging


MW Luxury Packaging has manufactured an interactive pack for Clarins’ Lip Oils. Inspired by a game show wheel, the Lip Oil Kaleidoscope Wheel consists of a slim, hinged box which opens to reveal the lip oil wheel and a mirror.

 Constructed with rigid board and wrapped in matte white, the exterior has been printed with spot Pantone matches and flashes of gloss UV varnish.
Clarin-2The vacuum-formed wheel holds each of the seven oils in fitments corresponding to their individual shades. As a free-moving element, the wheel is designed to be spun, creating a pinwheel of bright, moving colours.

The rigid board triangle to the right of the wheel acts as a “pointer” helping the consumer to choose their shade; once selected the lip oil can be applied with the help of the internal mirror, the lid being held open by supporting ribbons.

Credit: Packaging News / MW Luxur Packaging