RF Legacy Tennis Ball Package Design


Roger Federer and Wilson Sports teamed up to develop the new RF Legacy Tennis Ball. Not only was the product birthed out the need for commemorating Roger’s success but his ability to produce a high performance tennis ball with the help of Wilson LABS.
A new design strategy called, Uncontaminated Design was brought to life by Stu Cohn. A focus rooted in the absence of unnecessary design. For example, every element on a performance racket serves a purpose. This, soon, will spread to other Wilson products, packages and designs. Preventing clutter, maintaining cohesiveness and upholding the appearance of a high-end product is the end goal.


I was tasked with utilizing the existing uncontaminated design strategy as a guide for creating the RF Legacy

Tennis Ball can design.


Every element mattered from the large brand W to the placement of the signature and Rogers photo. Keeping the layout clean was our goal.



Mark-Anthony Marshall