Beer bottle design: 32 Via dei Birrai


It is timer for a beer bottle design. 32 Via dei birrai represents a new language in the infinite panorama of the brewery scene. It becomes the design worn by the bottle. It cancels and then redefines the expected.

Novaidea wanted the logo to be boldly characterized, constituted by the number 32, which in the international Nizza classification signifies beer, written in the circle: the classification number of a vocation meets the symbol of perfection. The image of 32 Via dei birrai was resisted by purists who see the traditional iconography (fantastical and religious figures) the only way to communicate beer. Novaidea has wanted to walk with determination down a new path, unique but recognizable, to become over time, symbol and signature of the product and its value.


A fusion of elements to realize a project with a strong innovative character: a product characterized by constant quality and a forceful image always evolving. Irony, fantasy, free interpretation! The mission of 32 has always been that of transformation, recycling and sustainability. No assumptions can be made, boredom is banned!
To discover 32 means to explore a new world, which never stops surprising and marveling. In 32, the idea and its interpretation coexist, in an ironic approach to a multi-use object.



Designer: Franco Vendramin / Novaidea Creative Resources

Client: 32 Via dei Birrai