Halloween packaging Yogurt for Yollies


We love Halloween and we love Hallowen Packaging too. The agency designed a line up of new characters including a witch, a scary clown and even crazy scientist. Inside the pack each pod contains the yogurt snack is glow-in-the-dark.

Yollies is a brand of innovative yogurt pops that keep their shape at room temperature. WowMe! have developed outer halloween packaging and also the character design for the inner pods that children can have fun with. The designs bring some additional personality to the Yollies character, creating some fun themes that relate to the seasonal time of year or current trends.


Jon Cornish, senior account manager at WowMe!, said: “For the second year we’ve created a great seasonal look for Yollies, with real shelf standout. We loved working with Kerry on this, ensuring that the packaging stays fun for children yet not too gory, all whilst retaining the key product attributes for parents.”

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Agency: Wowme