Sustainable Shoes Packaging


Viupax™ is footwear packaging that changes the way shoes are packed, shipped, warehoused, stored, displayed and sold.
This is a more sustainable shoes packaging compared to traditional shoe boxes, as it uses less paper and occupies less volume.

After two years of designing, researching and testing, Andreas Kioroglou, founder of design studio Matadog Design has developed the most sustainable shoe packaging solution, Viupax™ and it is protected by International Patents.

Viupax™ is designed to be more sustainable and cost effective compared to traditional shoe boxes by using 20-57% less cardboard and 20-50% less volume.


The packaging system is designed to be cost efficient in matters of production and transportation, and above all, it’s designed to improve productivity and user experience.

The design of the boxes makes the shoes stand out because the shoe design is visible to customers, and it allows customers to self serve, see model availability and easily select the pair of their choice. On the other hand, sales personnel, can easily carry up to 8 boxes and walk freely around their stores.


Viupa™x is designed to be flexible in stacking, allowing the boxes to be stored in many new and interesting ways or to be converted into a stand. The use of paper shopping bags can be eliminated, as Viupax can be converted into a carry bag or shoulder bag to be easily transported by the customer.


Viupax™ kid’s version shoe boxes can also be transformed into toys without the use of glue, scissors, and other extra materials.



Designer: Andreas Kioroglou
Agency: Matadog Design